Why you must CREATE.

While creating this blog and the bi products of it (podcasts, Instagram and youtube) I have found myself being enthralled and driven by the creative process and by the things that I am able to create by just sitting down for a few hours, working and creating. It has recently occurred to me how much value this has given me and how much value it make me feel as though I can bring to others, so here is why I think you MUST find a creative outlet.

I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user. – Bill Gates 


Creating and giving myself a platform to put my voice out there gives me so much joy to put myself out there no filter, no protection and feel the judgement of other people. But that is just the thing, no one really judges you as much as you think. Putting yourself in a vulnerable public position makes you open to the judgement and comments of others while in turn making you realise how stupid it was of you to fear this judgement. When I put something out there no matter good or bad I let the world judge it, people dont always love what you do and they wont, you can’t please everyone but you please some and bring value to a few.

Creating gives me so much confidence, because if im already putting myself out there in the form of putting my words online and my voice in a podcast, which is something I used to be very scared of. I thought people would judge me, exclude me, hate me. But in reality people can relate to work that you put out. Why not just start that project that you thought about on the train home, why not start that podcast and why not start posting your voice and opinions online. What is the worst that can happen? A little negative criticism? F*** it.

Skills are a valuable commodity in the 21st century, this digital society that we live in needs creators, editors and developers. If you know how to edit a podcast, record a good video and write enthralling blog posts on the website you’ve created then you’re a valuable asset to businesses in the industry or field that you’re talking about. Yes there is a barrier to creating a website, podcast or learning to paint but there are barriers to all good things. Overcoming that initial bump is not that easy, but it is so rewarding.


DO YOU HAVE A SMARTPHONE? good, you can create podcasts, video and blog posts purely from that, possibly suboptimally but not entirely. DO YOU HAVE AN OK LAPTOP? I started creating on my old laptop from 2013, it was a big bulky gaming laptop way past its prime. But it did the job.

The basics are all you need. 

But what platforms can I use to get my opinion and art out there James?

Well I’m glad you asked! Here are some of my favourite platforms….


Pick any topic you’re genuinely passionate about and just WRITE if you’re good at writing that is. To set my blog up I’ve used wordpress and a good domain hosting site, super simple. This could be done purely through a prebuild blogging site like wordpress, facebook or tumblr, I prefer to have a separate domain.


An obvious way to record and create, it can be very easy but can also be very time consuming and it is also a very hard thing to get the ball rolling. Personally I might be staying away from just speaking about my thoughts and opinions into a camera as I think its better done through audio alone.


Essentially you or possibly you and a guest or co host speak on a topic, or ramble or just tell a story through audio alone, this is a great one with a thriving audience pool.


As a more traditional artist like a Photographer or Painter, an online portfolio is a very inexpensive yet efficient way to get your artworks out there and to advertise for something like commissions. Instagram, tumblr or even pinterest could be great options, a personal website build using wordpress could work or even possibly dedicated portfolio sites.


My good friend @bittersweetcreatives has done just this, I recently recorded a podcast with him (which I will link here in due time) and he has gotten great satisfaction out of getting his fashion style out there by creating art and clothing and original designs and ideas.


Being creative has no boundaries, that is the point. You can pick any random idea floating around in your head and just build it from the ground up until you make this beautiful finished product, they won’t be perfect or even all good ideas but they could be and that is the beauty of it. Every idea you let slip past you is one idea you cannot capitalize on. Start TODAY.






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