My unoriginal theory of internet traffic via Finance

How on earth do internet traffic and financial theories overlap? Everywhere if you look at it from the right angle. Everyone wants more followers, we all want to grow that little number, the number of likes, retweets, views and reach. We all want more, what if I told you that it is possible to become extremely well known purely by brute forcing your way into any industry of social influencers just by using financial theories to grow your following.

FOOTNOTE: This does not mean hey, use click bait and scammy tactics to grow an operation of ill intentions if you give no value you will most likely receive none.

Basic financial or investment knowledge outlines the principal of compound interest, for those who are unaware or know the concept, not the name. Compound interest is the amazing phenomenon that is explained by the interest or profit earned on an investment of, for example, a $1000 investment at 10% return would be $1100, you now have this amount of money assuming the return stays at 10% the same investment now produces ($1100 x 110%) $1210, this is $10 more profit than the previous return, this is the profit made purely from the first investments profit, so, therefore, it is compounding interest.

This seemingly magical phenomenon is a reason the rich and financially smart get richer and the poor stay poor. They use their money to work for them, just as many social influencers use their followers on different platforms to grow their following on their main platform, small incremental growth is growth none the less.

If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.


It is simple enough really, personally, I use compound interest for my finances and for my blogging adventures, the single most important ingredient of this process is TIME and consistency. You need to be putting out appropriate amounts of QUALITY content that in some way bring value to the viewer, for me, I try to give advice on health, happiness or I attempt to bring joy to the viewers day.

Some great platforms to get your message out there are….

Instagram and Facebook
  • Growing platforms and they’re a huge area for growth
  • Very easy to get a message out using Video, Pictures or Words.
  • However, Slightly Crowded due to ease of use
  • Great Advertising opportunities if that is a profitable or viable option.
  • Slightly Harder to set up than your average Social Media
  • Gives a great voice to your brand
  • Allows high volume of content at a lower quality than other mediums.
  • Not as hard to break into as people think yet, still very hard to make successfully.
  • Low volume of content for the effort expended, however, does create high quality and ALOT of information can be displayed
  • Easy to create.


  • Creating a website at first can be daunting but it does get very easy once set up.
  • Requires minimal cash to start
  • If you’re not great at writing it’s a great way to learn, however, can be a major barrier for some people

Snapchat and Instagram stories

  • These can be a great way to get your message out consistently with ease
  • However, the quality may be low the value you can provide is huge for the effort you’re putting in.
  • Generally I believe they keep followings rather than grow them.


It is about what you put out and the value it brings, however, it is also about the fact that you are actually putting out content. If it’s complete trash leaves it and bin it but if it provides value put it out. It doesn’t matter where you’re putting out your content it just matters that you’re giving value on as many forms of communication as you can without diluting your messages too much.

Dont let yourself JUST KEEP SWIMMING, make yourself push against the current.