How to structure your program

From running a half marathon in under 1 hour 25 to attempting to bench press 80kgs, this year I’m looking to increase my physical fitness by an astronomical amount in all areas. I want to run faster for longer and become stronger while gaining muscle mass. These goals are so contradictory due to the different training styles involved, but I know that with the right planning programming and discipline to follow the basic and advanced principles of training I can achieve these goals. Continue reading “How to structure your program”

My bulking philosophy (Filthy bulking)

My bulking philosophy (Filthy bulking)

I am currently on a 2-hour bus ride, seated next to 6 donuts, a mammoth feast choc honeycomb (sponsor me) , 4 bananas and a chocolate muffin.

I am trying to scoff down as much of this as I can before I reach my destination. This is completely absurd for most people as the majority of the population (from what I see through mainstream media ) are aiming to keep their calories down while I and many other gym rats aim to keep their calories as high as possible, this is called bulking. Continue reading “My bulking philosophy (Filthy bulking)”

How being Wonky has helped me improve my form

Lifting with two metal poles and twenty-something screws embedded in my spine can be dangerous and painful, but by pushing my limits (a little too hard sometimes) and testing with my body what works and what doesn’t I have learnt more than I ever have about my body and have achieved more physically than I ever have before.

Continue reading “How being Wonky has helped me improve my form”