My Impossible list

“Bucket lists are a waste of space” – James Walsham, 2k17

An impossible list was an idea invented by Joel Runyon, A major rehaul and upgrade from a traditional to-do or bucket list, it sets goals not as static points to tick off but goals that can be readjusted to fit one’s success in that particular area. I have taken MASSive inspiration from Thomas Frank  ( his blog helped me get through high school and will continue to get me through university (hopefully), reading his impossible list and blog was one of the main motivating factors to get me to start my own blog and I think it is fitting that I create my own impossible list and smash these goals.

The concept of an impossible list should help me to achieve these goals because I know that if I miss the mark on difficulty, I can always revamp the point later to make it easier or harder or completely change the direction of the goal. Using a system similar to an S.M.A.R.T goal, it can be modified to fit the criteria that is most effective or important instead of just pursuing the goal to tick it off, If the goal no longer provides value then it can be taken off.

Categories of goals
  • Powerlifting/Bodybuilding
  • Running 
  • Educational 
  • Life
  • Blog 

I am currently focusing primarily on Fitness goals and financial goals. I will (hopefully) shift a lot more of my attention towards my Education as my university starts Semester One in Late February 2017.

  • 70kg bench press (5×5)
  • 80kg bench press (1RM)
  • 100kg bench press (1RM)
  • 70kg deadlift (sumo or conventional, 5×1)
  • 80kg deadlift (sumo or conventional, 5×1) (21st March 2017)
  • 100kg deadlift (sumo or conventional, 5×1) (20th April 2017)
  • 120kg deadlifts (sumo or conventional, 5×1)
  • 65kg weigh in
  • Weigh 70kg by the end of 2017
  • Weigh 75kg by the end of 2018
  • Dumbell press 24kg for 12×3 (45-degree incline)
  • Weighted Pull ups 15kg for 8 (no momentum or very little)
  • Weighted Pull ups 20kg for 8 (no momentum or very little)
  • Produce a high-quality workout edit, David Laid style. (Quality Camera and Quality footage, w/ Camera person)
  • Break the Northcote College beep test record of 16.8
  • Achieve previous record beep test of 15.5
  • Run another 19:00 5Km
  • Run 18:30 for 5Km
  • Achieve a 2:30 1Km
  • Run 1:25 for the Auckland Half marathon
  • Run the Auckland half marathon 3 times. (1 down, 2 to go)
  • Run another half marathon around New Zealand
  • Compete in another Half marathon or marathon around the world (not New Zealand)
  • Run top 50 in the Auckland half marathon (within 3 years)
  • Run top 10 in the Auckland half marathon (within 10 years)
  • Achieve under 3 hours in my first marathon.
  • Achieve an Average grade in semester one of 2017 that allows to me to continue into physiotherapy.
  • Complete my first year of university (AUT)
  • Complete a full university degree (Physiotherapy)
  • Read 1 book per month (paperback) in 2017 (0/12) (failed)
  • Read 4 paperback books in 2017
  • Listen to 10 Audiobooks in semester one of 2017 (10/10)
  • Finish Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson  (not paperback) (march 18th 2017)
  • Achieve a Personal Training Certification during November 2017- February 2018
  • Help transform one person’s life/health during 2017
  • Travel without family, on a holiday that is 100% funded by myself during 2017. (somewhere in New Zealand)
  • Make 3 successful stock ventures
  • Fail at 1 stock venture
  • Make $500 in Profit from stock ventures.
  • Become Qualified to perform a Scoliosis Spinal Fusion, or some other form of treatment for Scoliosis. // OR fund 100% a spinal fusion surgery. (LONG TERM)
  • Become a sponsored athlete.
  • Achieve 100 Instagram followers.(without manipulation)
  • Achieve 250 Instagram followers (without manipulation)
  • Achieve 500 Instagram followers (without manipulation)
  • Achieve 100 Twitter followers (without manipulation)
  • Make #upthesham a trending hashtag!!


  • Give a deserving kitchen-hand a $50 tip
  • Raise $500 for charity (80/500)


  • Appear on national TV  (22nd April 2017)
  • Be Interviewed for my achievements / expertise on National TV
  • Receive 5 unique blog visits in one day(5th March 2017)
  • 25 unique blog visitors in one day
  • Get just one blog follower
  • 10 Email/WordPress Subscribers
  • Write 10 blog posts
  • Write a guest post on another blog
  • Produce 3 programs! (one must cater to scoliosis)


  • Start a podcast. (23 June 2017)
  • Listen to my podcast in the itunes podcast app.
  • Produce 7 Podcast episodes.
  • Get @ThomasFrankly on my podcast.


  • Start a Youtube series
  • Make 10 Episodes of said series
  • Achieve 100 Subscribers