Who am I?

Who am I?

I am a self-confessed fitness junkie from Auckland, New Zealand. Long distance runner running the distances of 1.5km – 21.1km, I recently ran 1:34 in the Auckland half marathon and I am looking to bring this down to 1:25 by next October. I am also looking to run a 17.0 beep test this year with 15.5 being my highest score so far. I also am obsessed with (to a scary degree) weightlifting (bodybuilding), which is my main form of exercise as of right now due to a knee injury, I was previously 55kg at 182cm (March 2016). I am now 64kg at 184cm (January 1st, 2017)

I had a spinal fusion operation in January 2012 to fix the curvature of my spine due to scoliosis. I went from barely any physical exercise that year to being the most active person I know, now I want to help everyone learn the benefits of fitness and how easy it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m willing to help you learn and to learn with you, I know some things but nothing compared to what’s out there about recovery, training techniques, nutrition, and philosophy.

During 2017 (most likely after my second or first semester of University ),  I am aiming to Achieve a Personal training certification through Fit college or The New Zealand Institute of health and fitness. I am also doing First-year health standard at AUT leading into physiotherapy, unless I spend to much time on the bench and not enough in the books.

My Transformation

Starting with inefficient 40-minute high intensity runs to become fit and aim to beat my previous running goals and really take my running game to the next level in early 2016. To begin with, I was running a level 12 beep test, by the end of my training and more importantly learning I maxed out at 15.5 while aiming for 16.8, this is a relatively high level as most high school PE students know, but 15.5 is nothing crazy so I wanted to do something really out there for distance running at my age. So I signed up for the Auckland Marathon and ran 1:34, while I was aiming for under 1:30, this year I will smash 1:25. During this time I went from around 55kgs to around 61kgs while mainly doing cardiovascular training with a few upper body workouts mixed in, usually doing some kind of high-intensity exercise every single day while working weekends and attending high school during the weekdays.

 From looking and feelings like the smallest guy in all of Auckland (and slightly looking like a giraffe) to feeling strong, confident and happy with my health. I can happily say I’ve changed my life. My spare time used to be spent playing video games and gorging on whatever food I felt like just because I could and face no negative consequences thanks to my intensely fast metabolism, but in reality I didn’t feel healthy and because of my bad diet and poor exercise regimen I was not performing at my maximum or feeling my best in any area of life. So it started with running then slowly transitioning into weight lifting, I started at a 30kg bench press and I am now aiming for 60kg for 5 repetitions and 5 sets while also performing weighted pull-ups while previously being able to do ONE or TWO bodyweight while cheating with momentum.

 Now continue to the blog, my impossible list or my free programs!